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Website Design

If you're starting from scratch, considering a re-brand or simply looking for a fresh coat of paint for your existing site then the first thing you'll need is a design. Click here to learn how I can help you.

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Website Build

If you have a design in place then all you need to do is turn it into a website! This can be a simple 1-3 page website or a complex e-commerce build. For either option - or anything in between - I'm sure I can help.

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Website Maintenance

If you have a site that's already up and running but it could use a few tweaks or updates which you can't do yourself then I can ably assist you. This could be adding, editing or removing content or pages.

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Website Optimisation

Once your finished site is up on the web you have to think about how it performs. People need to be able to find your site and it needs to load quickly, regardless of their device. Let me know what I can do for you.

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Magento 2 First Impressions

23rd November 2015

After a seemingly super-long build up Magento 2 finally arrived last week. I've managed to score a few moments to have a look over the release and put together my initial impressions. These are some of my initial thoughts as I downloaded and got the product up and running.

What the hell am I downloading here?!

The download itself contains 58,143 files according my Mac, which amass 341.9MB of space. That is one hell of a chunky monkey. I wouldn't want to be storing a lot of Magento 2 sites on my computer because it's gonna eat up disk space like I eat up pizza when I'm hungry.

Where is the core?!

After downloading I have a quick look through the codebase. I look for my familiar App > Code > Core... wait what?! No longer my friend! The codebase has been rearranged in a way that it looks completely alien if you're coming from a Magento 1.x setup. The new folder structure seems a lot simpler and move intuitive. Hopefully this pans out to be as good as i...

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